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Our reliable and eco-friendly services are designed to solve your issues with heat loss, dampness, leaks, noise, and costly repairs, whether it's for walls, ceilings, or roofs.

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CorkSol is a natural cork spray for new build and renovation projects, providing a sustainable and innovative solution for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Solar Power

Harness the sun’s power with top-notch solar panel installations. We tailor systems to your needs, generating clean energy that reduces your dependence on the grid and saves you money in the long run.

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CorkSol Approved Applicators

SprayCork from CorkSol UK is an innovative and eco-friendly cork spray for homes, commercial buildings, offices and industrial units.

Using this unique coating gives you a wealth of features and benefits:

  • Breathable which helps prevent mould and damp, providing a healthier living and working environment
  • Strong thermal insulator to help reduce heating bills
  • Comes with a 25 year product warranty
  • Low maintenance, easy clean coating in 28 standard fade-resistant colours
  • Highly durable and flexible coating to prevent cracking

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CorkSol is an advanced replacement for traditional surface coatings, both internally and externally.

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Innovation, ease of use and integration go together to provide powerful, high performance and simple-to-implement solutions across all building sectors.

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Lower the risk of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) with Hydrophobic Insulation.

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Retrofit your comfort, not your budget: Breathe new life into your home with expert insulation upgrades.

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Solar Installation Services Expert

Imagine a life where your home generates its own energy, freeing you from the shackles of skyrocketing electricity bills and guilt-inducing carbon footprints.

At Oakley Improvements, we turn this dream into reality with our cutting-edge solar panel installations. Embrace the power of the sun and transform your home into a beacon of energy independence, financial savings, and environmental responsibility.

We design and install tailor-made solar systems that perfectly match your home’s energy needs, budget, and aesthetic preferences.

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Experience matters.

We’ve been empowering homeowners with energy-efficient solutions for years, boasting a proven track record of success and satisfied customers

We understand your region.

Our local expertise ensures your insulation and solar systems are tailored to your climate and energy needs, maximizing your savings and comfort.

Sustainability fuels our passion.

We’re committed to helping you live a greener lifestyle and contribute to a healthier planet, one energy-efficient home at a time.

Innovation drives us.

We stay ahead of the curve, utilising cutting-edge technologies and materials to deliver the most efficient and sustainable solutions for your home.

Transparency is our promise.

We offer upfront quotes and clear communication, eliminating surprises and giving you control over your budget.

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