Improve your homes energy efficiency with Oakley Improvements

Green Roof Insulation Services UK

Imagine a roof that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but also a powerhouse of sustainability and energy efficiency. That’s the magic of green roofs, and Oakley Improvements is here to help you unlock their full potential with our expert green roof insulation services in the UK.

Application Overview

When designing a green roof, it is important to consider the overall weight of the system to ensure that it can be supported by the roof structure. The system must also have the ability to retain water to minimize stormwater runoff.

Our mineral wool green roof growing mediums help to create innovative extensive green roofs that can support a variety of vegetation, including sedum, moss, herbs, and grasses. These roofs require low or no maintenance, making them a good choice for busy homeowners or businesses.

Five Benefits of a Green Roof

  1. Enhanced energy efficiency: Lower heating and cooling costs thanks to natural insulation.
  2. Improved air quality: Plants filter pollutants and release oxygen, creating cleaner air for your building and the surrounding environment.
  3. Reduced stormwater runoff: Green roofs absorb and retain rainwater, mitigating the risk of flooding and protecting local waterways.
  4. Increased biodiversity: Green roofs provide habitat for pollinators and other beneficial insects, promoting a healthy ecosystem.
  5. Enhanced property value: A well-designed green roof can add aesthetic appeal and market value to your property.